November 4


‘Affection’ by Boys Noize – WATCH

By RawKeith

November 4, 2021

Abra, Boys Noize

BOYS NOIZE (Alex Ridha, Berlin) and ABRA (Atlanta’s Darkwave Duchess) reveal the grainy, hazy, laid-back and emotionally impactful official music video for “Affection” (directed by Mad Max). "Affection" is part of BOYS NOIZE’s much lauded, fifth studio album +/- (pronounced Polarity) HERE and the follow up to their recent collaboration “UNLOCK IT” feat. PLAYBOI CARTI, ABRA’s first major label single. 

Both outsiders with mainstream attraction, BOYS NOIZE and ABRA find a natural resonance in the studio, with "Affection" delivering an Atlanta bass-inspired dance floor anthem that's both hazily nostalgic and texturally rich. The pairing of BOYS NOIZE's precision-tuned rhythm and ethereal atmospheres with ABRA's evocative, sticky hook is certain to make "Affection" a new classic, offering a blueprint for the future sound of the club.

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