December 1


Annika Rose ‘In My Head’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

December 1, 2022

Annika Rose

Eager to follow up on the success of Bruises,” ANNIKA ROSE is already back with the energetic, fiery alternative pop monster “In My Head,” out now via Nvak Collective. Just as with “Bruises,” the Los Angeles singer-songwriterreleased the track first as a collection of 50 audio NFTs on which sold out in under one minute. 

 Stream “In My Head” now on all digital platforms:

“I wrote ‘In My Head’ after beating myself up for having the most outlandish thoughts,” Annika shares. “Humans think over 17,000 thoughts a day, on average, and oftentimes we let those narratives drive us to some pretty insane beliefs. Your own mind can be your biggest enemy; flooded with wild ideas around the what ifs and hows and whens, or even what would happen if I just stopped my car in the middle of the freeway right now? Our mind can be more dangerous than the outside world; dictating your belief system about yourself & the world and persuading you to believe scenarios that are far from reality. ‘In My Head’ was a response to the recognition of how important it is to not identify with each and every thought that infiltrates your brain, and to remind yourself of who you know you are at your core. I hope you like it!”

As she laid out in a now viral video with over 11 million views, at just 20-years-old Annika has dealt with her fair share of adversity - several tumultuous music industry experiences in her teens, followed by the breakdown and life-changing reassembly of her family, an illness, a pandemic, and an accident that landed her in the hospital. Throughout it she remains strong-willed and self-driven, devoted to her music, evolving, continuing to unearth her most authentic voice, creating new soundscapes for her undeniable lyrics and melodies, and challenging herself to explore beyond the traditional music experience to build more meaningful connections with her fans.

An early adopter of web3, Annika has embraced audio NFTs. After successfully selling out her single “Bruises” as a limited collection of 25 audio NFTs on the platform last month, she did a similar release with “In My Head,” exclusively releasing 50 audio NFTs. Annika sold out all 25 editions of her “Bruises” audio NFT on pre-sale, becoming the first artist to ever do so on the platform. Then, within 24 hours she had her first secondary sale when edition #3 sold for 0.594 ETH - nearly 12x the mint price of the NFT; another sold for 0.5 ETH as well. The 50 “In My Head” audio NFTs sold-out on pre-sale and public on-sale within a minute.

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