March 17


Annika Rose ‘Lost’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

March 17, 2023

Annika Rose

Eager to follow up on the success of her recent singles Bruises and In My Head,”ANNIKA ROSE is back with “Lost,” a new collaboration with Jagwar Twin out now via Nvak Collective. 

Stream “Lost” now on all digital platforms:

Like Annika Rose, Jagwar Twin is causing a splash in both the traditional and web3 music communities, known for viral hits like “Happy Face” and his immersive online world “Hall of Mirrors.” Says Annika on their collaboration, "We wrote 'Lost' the first time we sat down in a studio together, after talking for hours about the ebbs and flows of the music industry, and even more so, the ebbs and flows of simply just existing. We shared in a lot of the same pain, question marks, internal battles around decision making, relationships, and feeling like sometimes even when you thought you put the whole puzzle together, when you take a step back, a few pieces might still be lost somewhere in the ether."

The song’s collaborators include Nvak Collective's co-founder and record producer Alex Salibian (Harry Styles, The Head & The Heart, Young The Giant), Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Paul Phamous (Frank Ocean, Dua Lipa), rising producers Ethan Schneiderman and Bailey Lindley, and drums from the legendary Josh Dunn of 21 Pilots. More about “Lost” can be found here: Annika Rose - Lost (

An early adopter of web3, Annika Rose is utilizing blockchain technology as a tool to create greater extensions of her art and develop deeper connections with her biggest fans. After the DSP release of “Lost,” she will launch a first-of-its-kind music video game crafted in Unreal Engine 5 and inspired by the lyrics of “Bruises" on April 19, 2023 (with presale set for April 18). 

The “Bruises'' music video game is a free, immersive virtual experience that combines the best of artist storytelling with direct-to-fan engagement. Spearheaded by Nvak Collective’s Chief Computer Graphics Officer, Tamir Diab (Avatar, Planet Of The Apes, Iron Man 3), the project is a collection of game levels based on Annika’s physical reality and those inspired by her lyrics. Fans will navigate through digital realms, such as an Annika Rose curated bedroom, cocoon, and forest, using audio stems of “Bruises.” Pixelstream game play will allow fans to collect game tokens, which then unlock narrative-driven cinematics and a unique opportunity to enter her virtual “Listening Room”; an experiential space featuring an upcoming single and mint opportunities for limited edition NFTs. 

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