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Arctic Lake EP ‘How Do You Make It Look So Easy?’ Out Now

By RawKeith

October 27, 2023

Arctic Lake

Arctic Lake released their new EP, How Do You Make It Look So Easy?, via Astralwerks. Listen HERE. Across the EP’s seven tracks, the London-based duo – composed of vocalist Emma Foster and multi-instrumentalist/producer Paul Holliman – further solidify their sonic niche of emotive, intimate, expansive yet earwormy alternative pop. Opening with the ethereal “Fireflies” – written as Emma watched her grandmother pass away – the songs explore a vast range of human emotion. Listen to “Fireflies” and view the visualizer HERE. See below for track listing.

“This EP is made up of songs from very different times in our lives, over the span of many years. The first song ‘Fireflies,’ for example, was written seven years ago so it’s a real journey through our adulthood and everything that comes with it,” explain Arctic Lake’s Emma Foster and Paul Holliman.

In support of How Do You Make It Look So Easy?, Arctic Lake will launch a headline tour of the U.K. tour on November 22 at The Grace in London. See below for itinerary. Tickets are available HERE

“We wanted How Do You Make It Look So Easy? to be full of highs and lows so although sonically it lives in the same world, it has moments you can dance to and moments you hopefully cry to because that’s what life is like. Some days are hard and some days are magical and then there is everything in-between,” say Foster and Holliman. “It’s interlaced with a lot of personal stories from us but also from our friends and family. Some songs even have many accounts woven in together like ‘Fool,’ which talks about loving someone who is bad for you, or ‘Hold Me,’ which talks directly about both our breakups even though they were very different. A lot of these feelings and situations are universal and our desire has always been to move people, to write music that connects us, so we hope this patchwork EP does that. Or maybe everyone else is really making life look too easy and we want to know what the secret is? Either way, have a listen and let us know if you find out.”

Wonderland Magazine praised “Are You Okay?” as “soul-drenched, evoking and immersive” and Popdust observed, “When it comes to making a heartfelt, soulful track, Arctic Lake are somewhat geniuses.” Rollacoaster said,“Lamenting a universally held habit of feeling unable to let go of love even when it’s hurting us, ‘Fool’ is not only a simmering soundscape but also a cautionary tale that binds together those who feel lost, allowing space to feel those hard-to-face feelings.” The Honey Pop said, “‘Silver Pendant’ is an ethereal alt-pop anthem about infatuation…a twinkling track with delightful lyrics paired with beautifully gorgeous vocals.” 

While they come from largely different backgrounds – Emma a rebellious kid from Lincolnshire, who grew up being fed everything from Depeche Mode to Ella Fitzgerald to Queen by her music obsessive father; Paul a “middle class and sheltered” metal fan from the suburbs of London who was “terrified of everything, including Emma” – their seemingly opposing characters fit together in a special way. 

The pair were sitting in a university library, working on their dissertations, when they learned that “Limits,” Arctic Lake’s debut single, was going to be played on BBC Radio One that day. A moody, majestic string of EPs followed – Closer, What You May Find, See Inside and 2022’s side by side we lie awake, which Atwood Magazine praised as a “shiver-inducing collection of stirring alt-pop ready to break our hearts and mend our souls.” Arctic Lake has also scored hit collaborations with producers like ZHU (“Yours”), German DJ Boris Brejcha (“House Music”) and Lane 8 (“Road,” What Have You Done To Me?”).

Track Listing – How Do You Make It Look So Easy?

1. Fireflies

2. Silver Pendant

3. Interlude

4. Fool

5. My Weakness

6. Hold Me

7. Are You Okay?


Arctic Lake – UK Tour Dates


22 - The Grace - London

23 - Patterns - Brighton

24 - Dareshack - Bristol

29 - Oporto - Leeds

30 - The Poetry Club - Glasgow


1 - YES – Manchester

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