July 14


Arctic Lake ‘Silver Pendant’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

July 14, 2023

Arctic Lake

Arctic Lake’s Emma Foster and Paul Holliman return with “Silver Pendant,” a luminous celebration of romance. Like their preceding single “My Weakness,” “Silver Pendant” is the ideal soundtrack for musing about, as the duo puts it, “that person who makes you go a bit wobbly in the knees.” Listen to “Silver Pendant” HERE. The visualizer for “Silver Pendant,” directed by Marc Oller (George Ezra, Jacob Banks), captures the airy summer vibe of the song with an enchanting loop of Foster, clad in a sundress, tumbling out of the darkness on a swing. View HERE.

“’Silver Pendant’ is a song based on infatuation. We started writing it together with our friend Will Leong and the lyric you hang me around your neck like a silver pendant came straight into my head and I wrote the first verse,” explains Emma Foster. “In a really strange coincidence, our other co-writer Leah then showed up, and without hearing what we’d written began telling us about this new whirlwind romance she was having and a silver pendant that her new love had given her a few days before… our minds were blown and we then finished the song knowing the universe was on our side. There’s a dark layer in the song that hints at power dynamics and the common issue of insecurity in a relationship. The idea of being worn for show, the feeling of jealousy, the obsession of rereading every message someone has sent… it’s such a fun song but it wouldn’t be us without a little nudge into the shadows.”

“Silver Pendant” and “My Weakness” are from How Do You Make It Look So Easy, Arctic Lake’s forthcoming EP.Praising “My Weakness,” The Honey Pop said, “You’ll be absolutely hypnotized by this dreamy pop song.” Popdustobserved, “It’s traditional Arctic Lake, an open-hearted single about how, when you’re in love, it can be your greatest strength and weakness.”

While they come from largely different backgrounds – Emma a rebellious kid from Lincolnshire, who’d grown up being fed everything from Depeche Mode to Ella Fitzgerald to Queen by her music obsessive father; Paul a “middle class and sheltered” metal fan from the suburbs of London who was “terrified of everything, including Emma” – together, they’ve found their sweet spot, creating emotive, intimate, expansive yet earwormy alternative pop that explores the vast expanse of human emotion. 

The pair were sitting in a university library, working on their dissertations, when they learned that “Limits,” Arctic Lake’s debut single, was going to be played on BBC Radio One that day. A moody, majestic string of EPs followed –Closer, What You May Find, See Inside and 2022’s side by side we lie awake, which Atwood Magazine praised as a “shiver-inducing collection of stirring alt-pop ready to break our hearts and mend our souls.” Arctic Lake has also scored hit collaborations with producers like ZHU (“Yours”), German DJ Boris Brejcha (“House Music”) and Lane 8(“Road,” What Have You Done To Me?”).

Hailing their early 2023 single “Are You Okay?” as “soul-drenched, evoking and immersive,” Wonderland Magazinepraised Arctic Lake for unleashing “more of their psychedelic style into a contemplative story of mental health and the importance of human connection…” Popdust noted, “When it comes to making a heartfelt, soulful track, Arctic Lake are somewhat geniuses.” 

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