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Aron & The Jeri Jeri Band today EP ‘Teddoungal’ Out Now

By RawKeith

September 1, 2023

Aron & The Jeri Jeri Band

Aron & The Jeri Jeri Band has released their new EP ‘Teddoungal’, alongside the title track featuring Baaba Maal. Remarkable by its unusual, captivating energy, the new EP is driven by diverse talents, with contributions from renowned artists and producers from around the globe. ‘Teddoungal’ is a collection of 5 genre-blending tracks fusing Senegalese traditions with jazz and the pulsating bliss of electronic music. From the coasts of Senegal to the club scenes of Nairobi, Berlin & Los Angeles, Baaba Maal, Jose Marquez, Ibaaku and Coco Em bring their unique expertise to proceedings, adding new dimensions to the band’s musical universe. ‘Teddoungal’ is now available via Urban Trout / Modulor on all platforms from

Aron & The Jeri Jeri Band are a melting pot of cross cultural sounds, at the core of which is Mbalax, with a seasoning of Afrobeat, Afrofunk and Jazz. The brainchild of pianist, composer and producer Aron Ottignon and sabar percussionist Bakane Seck, their music is for the soul and the dancefloor. Ottignon is no stranger to the music scene - the New Zealand-born pianist caught the attention of Blue Note and Universal Music, releasing a string of jazz albums to critical acclaim in the early 2000s. As a composer he collaborated with Stromae on the global chart topper Papaoutai”, and has toured the world with Woodkid and collaborated with many other musicians including Electric Wire Hustle, Louane, Broken Back, Empire Of the Sun & Myele Manzanza.

Senegalese Griot, Bakane Seck has been playing music since he was born, his mastery of the Sabar (percussion instrument) has seen him tour the world with icons of the African music industry Youssou NDour and Baaba Maal. He is the founder and frontman of the Jeri Jeri Band. Seck met Ottignon in Berlin in 2019, introduced by a traditional sabar dance teacher. Ottignon began working on two demos for an international album fusing traditional Senegalese sounds with modern production techniques. They both knew they had found the perfect match, and that this was just the beginning of their musical journey together.

The ebullient ‘Teddoungal’ fizzes with its lyrical expression of joy, triumph and a general thankfulness for life. For Aron in particular, the collaboration here with West African superstar Baaba Maal brings things full circle in meaningful terms, having been a fan of the Senegalese legend since seeing him play live whilst a teenager living in Auckland, New Zealand. ‘Sunugal’, meanwhile, is a propulsive celebration of Bakane’s country, honouring the resilience of the Senegalese people.

The messages behind the music are ones of optimism, hope for future generations, progress, and positive change. Says Ottignon; Through this music, I hope to promote a better understanding of Senegalese culture and the important role that music plays as a bridge between different cultures and traditions. It's important to recognise that what is considered "normal" in one culture is not necessarily better or worse than what is considered normal in another. Education and understanding are key to appreciating and celebrating our differences. We are all unique, and this music serves as a vessel to promote acceptance and celebration of our differences.

‘Teddoungal’ EP


1.     Teddoungal (Featuring Baaba Maal)

2.     Sunugal

3.     Teddoungal (Featuring Baaba Maal) - Jose Marquez Remix

4.     Sunugal - Ibaaku Remix

5.     Sunugal - Coco Em Remix

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