October 13


BBG Steppaa ‘Love And War’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

October 13, 2023

BBG Steppaa

Breakout Newark drill star BBG Steppaa releases his blistering new single “Love And War.” Listen HERE via Priority Records. Pairing rapid-fire lyricism with soulful Buddah Bless(Migos, Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion) production and a deep bass, the 16-year-old’s latest brings the heat. Alongside the track comes a video, which finds the newcomer sharing his truth amid compelling, unflinching imagery.

 “Weather not a problem still slide through the snow, beef getting hot make him run on his bro,” BBG raps at one point over the deep groove, later adding: “Always give you the 100 percent — me, I see you in person, always give me somebody to vent to that I need it for certain.” BBG Steppaa has made a name for himself sharing precisely how he sees the world, and this time it’s no different. 

The accompanying Lawrence “Onetake” Conklin directed video is bold and visceral, depicting quick-cuts of the rapper delivering his bars interspersed with a narrative in which he rescues his lady following a kidnapping. It’s a powerful vision that pairs perfectly with the hard-charging track. Watch it HERE

“Love And War” follows "Nobody Outside" with Bloodie and DudeyLo. It was preceded by BBG's team-up with Harlem teen Sugarhill Ddot on “Spinnin” an infectious two-hander with an infectious groove and boundless energy. These are on the heels of the DD Osama duet “Catch Up,” which doubled as the newcomer's calling card. The song, which samples Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” became a grassroots sensation for its potent precision.

Breaking out big, BBG Steppaa also received a coveted co-sign from Chicago’s Polo G and Jersey Club pioneer Bandmanrill, who called him "the next big thing." With “Love And War,” BBG Steppaa stretches his legs and delivers a drill showcase for the ages. 

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