August 11



By RawKeith

August 11, 2023


Colorful and sexy with a perfect twist of Prince! ‘Jeans’ shows a new direction from the Danish singer, producer and songwriter whose unique ability to fusion the past with the present and an innovative authenticity has already proved her to be one of the most promising new acts out of the Nordics.

Speaking of her funky new single, BBYBITES says:

“Imagine standing next to your lover and suddenly you feel a hand sliding into the back pocket of your tight blue jeans. Naughty? Comforting? To me, it’s a simple, powerful gesture and the visual evince of intimacy and connection between lovers. ‘Jeans’ is a song about fighting and making up – and a whole lotta fun for the dancefloor.”

BBYBITES is the moniker of Martha Maj Hauptmann - an expressive yet complex, independent young artist. The duality is in the name, her multi-faceted productions and in the imagery behind her visuals, look and lyrics that represent a powerful, creative female voice of Denmark.

In 2021 her single 'Bby' was "Song of the Week" on Danish national radio P3 and following the release of her 2022-EP, ‘Don’t care… (but I do)’, BBYBITES hit the stage at Roskilde Festival! This Summer, she’s back to leave a new (bite) mark on 2023 with ‘Jeans’… and more is to come!

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