July 17


Bus Simulator Racing

By RawKeith

July 17, 2016

Bus Simulator Racing

Most kids in school question whether you would use certain subjects in the “actual world.” Algebra, Geometry, even Physics do not seem to be just like something we would use later in life. Well, I am here to tell you, physics is definitely something you need, especially when playing some video online games.

Bus Simulator RacingBus Simulator Racing is a racing car game that you will enjoy over and over… trust me.

In Bus Simulator Racing you are the bus driver, and the object is to get the kids to school safely. Sounds easy? Well, it is a double decker bus, and it seems that there are not actually any type of straight roads and bridges in this town, so you have to navigate your way through these obstacles to get to the finish line. It took me about 10 attempts to surpass the first couple of turns, as I dropped off the bridge every individual time.

Is it wrong that I was laughing when the bus tumbled from of the bridge?

If you crash, the game is really over, so you will have to start at the beginning. This is definitely one of those addicting games, so it was a challenge to get past the half way point!

In order to make things maybe even more interesting, you will have to operate in the rain and snow!Bus Simulator Racing

Here are some of the features:

— Double decker bus and relaxing backgrounds
— Cool graphics and smooth entertaining physics based driving game
— Different weather conditions, such as rainy, sunshine, snowy, day and nighttime
— Steering wheel, brakes and tilting controls
— Real bus engine sounds
— Simple touch control
— Tablet optimized
— Stunning graphics, colourful visual cartoon and smooth animation
— Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music
— Unlock more fun exciting missions and levels
— Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay

If you are wanting for a game that will keep your brain engaged, this is definitely for you! As far as action games go, this bus simulator 3d game will offer you hours of fun. This is a great game for boys and also a great game for girls.

Download this free game today and be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to master this cool game!


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