May 20


Calcou EP ‘Places’ Out Now

By RawKeith

May 20, 2022


Multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Calcou released his EP, Places on the 20th of May via MfDR+C. On the EP, listeners will find the cheerful track, ‘Far’ as well as the previously released singles ‘Below’, ‘Above’ and ‘Beyond’. The EP was mastered by Hans-Philipp Graf (Stephan Bodzin, Milky Chance, Adana Twins, Solomun) and has been supported by CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, Stereofox, Indie Shuffle, House Music With Love, and ElectroPosé and picked up by Spotify for their Fresh Finds, Late Night Vibes and Fresh Finds Dance playlists. As a producer, Calcou has worked with a wide range of well-known brands including Universal Music, Majestic Casual, L'Oréal and Ferrero to name a few. His debut single, ‘Lfost’ was chosen by the Berlin music commission to represent Berlin’s infamous sound and later picked up by the Spotify editorial team while his following releases regularly climb to the top of Hype Machine.

Born in Tübingen and currently based in Berlin, Germany, Calcou is a classically trained composer who carries his creative background as a jazz pianist with pride, defining his music as a space where jazz meets Chill and Deep House blends into Electronica. While creating music, the artist finds inspiration in the works of Kiasmos, Bonobo, Christian Löffler, Caribou and Dj Koze while his latest release calls to mind the likes of Fejká, Janus Rasmussen and Rohne.

The Places EP takes the listener on an adventure through rolling basslines and into organic elements. Calcou’s work swings like a pendulum, at times resonating with ethereal, otherworldly tones and at other moments poignantly cheerful. ‘Far’ is like a playful dance where the unexpected jazzy piano beats warp into lush downtempo soundscapes.

Calcou tells us about the meaning behind the EP: “This time I tried to explore space - musically, but also in a broader sense as a feeling of restriction. By leaving certain musical decisions to algorithms, I tried to overcome these restrictions with playfulness and randomness, acknowledging the fact that control seems like an illusion now more than ever. Most of the tracks feature field recordings from when I was travelling. I love to create music out of material that carries an emotional value to me, a memory that I can then modulate and turn into something new. That’s why “Places” also is about perspective - about how things look, feel and sound if you approach them from another angle.”

Places Tracklisting

1. pl_05°

2. Above

3. Beyond

4. pl_23°

5. Below

6. Far

7. pl_11°

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