October 19


Caravan Palace ‘MAD’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

October 19, 2023

Caravan Palace

The relentless, word-of-mouth movement about Caravan Palace’s music and live performances has brought the Parisian 6-piece live band into the consciousness of many. As a sneak peek into their upcoming 5th studio effort, Caravan Palace are releasing a brand-new single, “MAD” via Le Plan Recordings today HERE + music video HERE. The Parisian band is comprised of Colotis Zoé (vocals), Arnaud "Vial" de Bosredon (guitar, synths, chorus), Charles Delaporte (synths, bass), and live they expand to a band with a keyboard/vibraphone and two brass players.

“MAD” delivers a scathing and exhilarating blend of jazz and electronic, showcasing the band's signature sound at its finest. With fierce lyrics that pack a punch, with an abundance of brass, bass, and beats, it's a track that will remind you why you fell in love with their music in the first place.

The band was born from the serendipitous meeting of three Parisian musicians who shared an unwavering passion for electronic music and the vintage sounds of jazz and the roaring twenties. Their unique blend of influences quickly resonated with audiences, starting with the release of their debut album in France. However, it was on the global stage that their success continued to flourish as they released new albums, embarked on worldwide tours, and unveiled music videos characterized by their quirky and addictive style.

Over the course of a decade, Caravan Palace transitioned from being a sensation in the Parisian jive scene to becoming a globally viral pop phenomenon that effortlessly incorporates a diverse range of musical influences.

After having amassed over 2 billion streams via YouTube and Spotify combined, garnered millions of fans from every corner of the globe, having “Wonderland" go TikTok viral through the #posechallenge, and playing live, twice, on Live...with Jools Holland, and Jonathan Ross’late-night show, they’re ready to further broaden their unique profile after selling over 750.000 records in America. Notably, they are one of the very few French bands to achieve an RIAA Platinum single, thanks to their hit track, "Lone Digger.”

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