September 8


caro♡ Album ‘wild at <3’ Out Now

By RawKeith

September 8, 2023


French-born, London-based caro♡ has released her singular, sophomore album wild at ♡ on PC Music. Alongside, she reveals the video for focus single “behind the clouds”, directed by Joe Ward. A member of Planet 1999, this 11-track album follows her debut Heartbeats/Heartbreaks

Stream album here

“This self-produced and written album is called « wild at <3 » because one of the things I am most obsessed about is freedom. And when I hear this album title this is the first thing I think about, being free.”caro♡ explains. “I mostly hear it in an emotional and psychological sense, like freeing yourself from limiting beliefs, overcoming self-doubt and shutting down negative self-talk, allowing yourself to shine your light. It’s also about strength. It took me time to find an energy for this album.

I have felt very stuck in the past, in all senses possible, and with everything I do now, I am very conscious of doing anything I can to never go back to this. I made this album for myself, but more than the first one, I was also thinking about the message that people could take out of it. I thought that all these positive words I was working on telling myself, all this upbeat energy that I wanted to feel and find within, could maybe resonate with others. A lot of the songs lyrics are like these direct sort of pep talks, « hold on to your heart, keep going on », « don’t let go, don’t drop it », « go straight for it », and that’s really the message. 

Know yourself, believe in yourself, be wild and dare to dream and then honor these dreams. Be brave and vulnerable, accept to dive into the unknown, and do it with the conviction that if you’re true to yourself, you’re doing the right thing, that no matter how deep you’ve dived into darkness, there is a way up towards the light.”

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