September 30


Craig David Album ’22’ Out Now

By RawKeith

September 30, 2022

Craig David

Craig David has released his phenomenal new album 22 via BMG. The incredible record produced with Mike Brainchild (Sinead Harnett, IAMDDB) shows Craig remaining at the helm of his own unique, authentically British sound - a sound that has made waves across the globe, making him the voice of one of the most pivotal eras in UK music, and in turn, making him one of the most successful artists in UK chart history. The album features new single "Obvious" featuring R&B artist Muni Long, alongside previously released singles "DNA" with Galantis, "G Love" with Nippa, "My Heart’s Been Waiting For You" with Duvall, and "Who You Are" with MNEK, alongside a plethora of unheard bangers. Craig will also publish his much-anticipated debut book ‘What’s Your Vibe?’ on October 13 in the UK.



The idea of putting a smile on people's faces is at the heart of 22, Craig’s incredible eighth album whose title itself reflects a myriad of different themes, from spirituality to celebrating 22 years since his debut album. Craig says “There's a spiritualism in the number 22 and what it represents. In numerology it's a very powerful number and in terms of angel numbers it's bringing balance and equilibrium to my life. We're in a world where there's a lot of me against you, and so it's bridging the gap.” He continues “My debut album is probably the most clear expression of who I am because it was my first outing – it's everything you are. So on this album there's that energy mixed with the wisdom and experience I can bring to the world. I've not mastered anything yet, I'm a newcomer still.” 

The desire to heal was also at the forefront of his mind when he started working on the album in the summer of 2020, as the world briefly emerged from lockdown. Craig says “I want to raise people's vibrations. I want to give people a ‘musical healing’ without preaching or trying to tell people what to do.”

The groundwork had already been laid in his home studio, where he set up his gear in a way that recalled the early days when he was a teenager making music in his bedroom in his mum’s flat in Southampton. On creating the album over lockdown, he says “It was the time I had to just create. For someone who is creative, that's the most freeing thing you can offer.” Eventually, as the world opened up, Craig would drive his car to the studio. “I got into my Mini and drove down the studio and again it reminded me of being this little kid in a Peugeot 206 going down to the Ocean Village in Southampton. But that journey everyday changed the game. I was seeing life happening around me and drawing inspiration. The first thing I'd do when I got into the studio was say to Mike 'put the mic on, let's go'.”

As one of the UK’s most loved artists, Craig has continually soundtracked the UK charts all whilst crossing multiple genres, his now iconic first record ‘Born To Do It’ made a huge impact on UK culture and brought garage from the underground and to the forefront of the mainstream.

In addition to this, Craig has one of Ibiza’s most successful and long-standing residencies playing Ibiza Rocks for 5 seasons. 2022 is no exception, finishing his ‘Hold That Thought’ UK tour, Craig returned to Ibiza Rocks this summer.

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