April 21


Crystal Method to Auction NFT of New Video

By RawKeith

April 21, 2022

The Crystal Method

MakersPlace, the premier marketplace for rare and authentic digital artworks, today announced that The Crystal Method, one of the most successful American electronic acts of all time, will be auctioning an NFT of their new lead single’s music video “Watch Me Now” on its platform on April 26, 2022 at 3:30PM PT. 

The official music video for “Watch Me Now” is an animated love letter to Nevada, the home of The Crystal Method. Directed by Micah Monkey, the video is a truly unique visual experience with the play of black and white vs. vivid color, and 2D vs. 3D animation. “Watch Me Now” is a story about determination and overcoming adversity. The plot displays a woman dressed in rags getting dropped into the harsh Mojave desert by two sinister men-in-black figures piloting a flying saucer. They torment her until she calls upon her crystal ship and takes her rightful seat as an other-worldly queen. Before rocketing off in pursuit of The Crystal Method’s tour bus, she wreaks vengeance on Area 51 before arriving in a crystalline Las Vegas. 

“My first NFT release is a collaboration with the brilliant animated artist Micah Monkey and will be dropping on April 26th,” said Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method. “Micah has created an epic and exhilarating visual companion for my rousing riff driven new single, “Watch Me Now” feat Koda & VAAAL. As the lyrics state, 'This Ain’t No Joke!'”

The drop will consist of the official "Watch Me Now" video followed by limited edition animation and open edition cels from the music video. 

The auction winner will receive:

  • VIP Tickets and backstage passes to any TCM headline show of their choice (festival dates not available)
  • Pre-paid room in the same hotel as the artist in that city
  • Pre-show dinner with The Crystal Method
  • Autographed vinyl LP of “The Trip Out”

Purchasers of the limited edition animation will receive:

  • Tickets to a TCM headlining show of buyer’s choice with meet-n-greet (festival dates not available) 
  • Autographed vinyl LP of “The Trip Out”

Purchasers of all five open edition animation cells will receive:

  • Buy all five and get an airdropped sixth NFT and autographed vinyl LP of “The Trip Out”
  • Buy three and get a fourth NFT airdropped

“We’re excited to welcome legendary dance music pioneers The Crystal Method to MakersPlace as he enters his first foray into NFTs with the drop of this latest music video,” said Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace. “The Crystal Method is a true pioneer in his respective genre and through this drop, fans and enthusiasts will be able to have access to exclusive utility.”

For more information on the drop, visit https://makersplace.com/thecrystalmethod/drops/watch-me-now/

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