January 17


Dance Duo BEAUZ New EP ‘Rave Game’ Out Now

By RawKeith

January 17, 2022


RAVE GAME EP tracklist 


2.    LOUD 

3.    WE GUCCI

Beijing based dance duo BEAUZ release their new EP RAVE GAME. Listen HERE. The EP contains three dancefloor hits “RAVE GAME,” “LOUD,” and “WE GUCCI.” The title track “RAVE GAME” is a playful banger that signifies BEAUZ’s ambition to go from the throne of dance pop to claiming royalty on the dance floor. With its memorable and hard-hitting bassline, this infectious tune chronicles the magic of festivals and the adventures within. BEAUZ collaborate with NINEONE#, one of China’s most popular singers/rappers on “RAVE GAME” mixing their party-ready beat backdrop with her velvety vocals. 

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