January 27


David Haerle ‘El Camino Sierra’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

January 27, 2024

David Haerle

After the release of his third full length album El Camino Sierra, Los Angeles singer-songwriter-guitarist David Haerle found himself still inspired by the album’s namesake road and the geography that surrounds it (Highway 395, or The Sierra Highway, running through the Owens Valley of California alongside the High Sierras and The White Mountains). He ended up writing a song of the same name after the album’s release. 

"The song is about important places in one’s life where formative memories have been made with loved ones, some of whom may now be gone," David shares. "It is about mourning and honoring them and our own journey toward acceptance and healing. I return to such places so that I can make new memories and treasure the old ones. Where are our now gone loved ones? Are they aware of our visitations to these sacred places we once shared? Can they see us? Can they hear us? I’d like to think yes. But regardless, such pilgrimages are, for me, about a desire for connection. Connection with, in the end, what matters most: those we love and cherish."

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