March 17


DJ Informal. ‘follow you’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

March 17, 2023

DJ Informal

Los Angeles-based Producer & DJ informal. (Sam Richie) is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, "follow you" out today March 17th. Written with a unique structure, the track features an always-building crescendo that takes listeners on a journey of tension and release. With a simple yet effective structure, the song is a departure from informal.'s usual releases but still embodies his signature sound and "informal. bounce."

Listen to “follow you” here.

"I wanted to create a song that didn't rely on the typical verse-chorus-drop structure and instead evolved over time into one big moment," said informal. "When I started making 'follow you,' all I had was the layers of vocal melodies you hear at the beginning. I knew I wanted to create something that felt epic and huge, almost like an intro to a live set, but in a single. The constant adding of layers and changing rhythms keeps the song interesting and takes the listener on a journey."

The track begins with a simple vocal chop and gradually builds with the addition of layers until it reaches a suspenseful pause and a massive bassline breakdown. The switch from a triplet rhythm in the first half to a straight 1/8th note rolling rhythm in the second half adds to the track's dynamic nature, ensuring listeners are kept on their toes from start to finish.

"'follow you' is definitely something different than my usual releases, but I'm excited for fans to hear it and experience something new from me," said informal.

In addition to the release of "follow you," informal. will be performing the track live for the first time on March 18th at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles. Presented by Breaking Sound and Live Nation, the show promises to be an unforgettable night of music and celebration. Tickets are still on sale here.

“Performing a song immediately after its release is always a really exciting feeling. It’s like a release party built into the show; a double whammy as they say” explains informal. “Especially a song like this that has such a drawn out and exciting build to it, i think it’s going to be a really special moment for everybody in the room.” 

As informal. continues to push the boundaries of his sound and experiment with new structures and rhythms, "follow you" stands out as a unique and exciting addition to his discography. With its epic build and explosive payoff, the track is sure to captivate listeners and solidify informal.'s place as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

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