April 18


Dondria ‘Good Company (Girl’s Night)’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

April 18, 2023

Dondria, Natasha Mosley, Zonnique

Singer-songwriter Dondria has released a new remix, "Good Company (Girl's Night)," featuring celebrity friends and influencers, Zonnique and Natasha Mosley. The upbeat and fun-loving collabo is a remix of "Good Company," a single from her recently released EP, Perspective.

"There's nothing like getting together with your girls and just having a good time, and I wanted to capture that feeling in Good Company," shares Dondria. "These days, I only surround myself with good company. I have made it a point to highlight sisterhood and camaraderie amongst women in the industry, and this Girl's Night remix falls right in line with that. I've known Zonnique and Natasha for years, and they have always been cool, genuine, and supportive of me."

Dondria ‘Good Company (Girl’s Night)’ – WATCH

Dondria is known for serenading us with love songs and ballads, but if you follow her Instagram page, you already know that she has a good time too! Both "Good Company" and its remix are anthems for anyone who loves to let loose with good company. The single is already generating buzz in the music industry, with fans praising its catchy lyrics and infectious energy. "Good Company" is an excellent song for content creators to use in the posts celebrating real friendships and good times!  

Don't miss your chance to add this fun and uplifting track to your party, game/girl's night playlist! Dondria's "Good Company (Girl's Night)," "Good Company," and Perspective album are available now on all major streaming platforms. 

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