September 8


ELBA ‘You Do You’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

September 8, 2023


When ELBA wrote and recorded her post-pandemic debut-album, ‘Teardrops & Blind Spots’, she candidly invited the listeners to embark on a psychological journey into a youngstressed out and melancholicmind.

Out of darkness, authentic, alternative pop songs arose as a necessityto ELBA. But as the poet said: “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in...”The light sparks with irresistible force on the new ELBA-single,'You Do You'–a musical statement to(re)gain strength and belief in oneself.


"The song is about acknowledging and embracing yourvery own unique human composition. About believing in your own abilities -especially when life seems tough and unfair-and above all, it’s about daring to trust and listen to your own inner voice. Otherwise, you limit yourself, maybe even to other people’s expectations, making the negative define your path. 'You Do You' is the result of my own experiences but also a universal story about standing up for who you truly are,”ELBA aka Ellen Bathum says.’You Do You’ is going tohit listeners with the power of a supersonic boom. Creating one irresistible hook after the other on layers of dazzling guitars and a thunderous nostalgic beat,ELBA reinforces her thoughts behind her words.  ‘You Do You’ is a self-esteem boosting anthem for pop lovers everywhere! Unlike most new Danish artists, ELBA has chosen to live in the countryside of Denmark –a 4-hour drive from the lively streets of Copenhagen.

Nonetheless, the independent singer has developed into one of the most promising new acts of her native Denmark hitting national radio with several singles and becoming a widely renowned live act going on nationwide tours and even playing the legendary Roskilde Festival.The talent of ELBA is bright and clear and if you know, you know

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