January 16


Ellisa Sun ‘Masterpiece’- LISTEN

By RawKeith

January 16, 2024

ellisa Sun

 Singer/Songwriter Ellisa Sun is excited to share her powerful new single, "Masterpiece." Sun notes this song as her favorite track on her forthcoming album. It is captivating - more intimate and stripped down than the other songs from her highly- anticipated collection. Highlighting her flawless vocals, piano, and strings, "Masterpiece" is already garnering attention from industry professionals and fans alike. It has been added into rotation at Radio SoBro and will be their spotlight feature today at 1:10 and 6:10 PM CST. Listen HERE.

"Masterpiece,” was co-written with Emily Ronna and was co-produced by Connor Gehlert. The song, reflecting Sun's resilience and vulnerability, shares a universal message. It comes from a highly personal place and was crafted from raw emotion and real-life experience as a means to heal and inspire others. The lyrics serve as a reminder to listeners that you are enough and to not beat yourself up. "As someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome, 'Masterpiece' was the perfect way to get all my thoughts out on paper without overthinking it. I tend to get in my own way when it comes to songwriting and creativity in general, and I know so many fellow artists, and people everywhere, wrestle with the same thing," Sun reflects. "I wrote 'Masterpiece' during the 2020 lockdown. I had just finished a 3-day song retreat and was on a high from all the skills I learned and wanted to write as much as possible. I was lucky to have free time, and my health, so I spent a lot of time writing songs in those first few months of the COVID-19 lockdown."

The production of "Masterpiece" is simple yet poignant. It conveys Sun's strength and features her angelic, textured, and uniquely transparent vocals... every word counts. This song perfectly blends Sun's musical influences of R&B, soul, jazz, and the relaxed sound of bossa nova. "I don't usually write songs on piano, but technically piano was my first instrument because I took lessons as a kid. I started looping 3 simple chords, and out came the melody for 'Masterpiece!'" Sun adds, "I wanted to keep the instrumentation for this song simple since it's a ballad. I took a mentoring class with Soundfly in late 2020 with the artist SIRMA, learning how to get better at Logic and build demos from scratch. I came up with a few string parts using Logic, then used those parts in the final production with my co-producer, Connor Gehlert!' My hope is that this song speaks to all those who share the same struggles and ultimately helps in the healing process as it did for me."

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