December 5



By RawKeith

December 5, 2023

Emmi Iida

Serene singer-songwriter EMMI IIDA released her avant-pop single, 'Trinity' via EFG Records Oy. EMMI IIDA is an internationally recognised Finnish visual artist, holistic interior architect & musician who now seeks to translate her artistic prowess into her music. EMMI IIDA’s recently released string of singles have already gained support from notable tastemakers METAL Magazine, CLASH Magazine, NOCTIS Mag, Earmilk, BBC 6’s Craig Charles, RTÉ 2FM, as well as securing her an interview with MTV Finland. 

Stream/ download: EMMI IIDA - ‘Trinity’

With ‘Trinity’, EMMI IIDA shakes things up, arriving with more attitude and swagger in both her vocal tone and instrumental backing, while still managing to stay true to her holistic and spiritual intentions. Featuring a pulsating synth bass over a deep marching drum beat, the songstress struts her stuff, cryptically speaking from one perspective, enigmatically voicing her concerns, questions, and mantras to the listener with subtle nuances in her tone and emotion. The song has a certain spacey sexy-ness to it, courtesy of EMMI IIDA'ssmooth-flowing vocal delivery and juicy production which seem to come straight from outer space. Distorted synth arpeggios, pads, and effects are also beautifully arranged to provide ample flavor and variety to enrich the extraterrestrial soundscape. Digging a little deeper, we discover that it's a song with a journey, where the ending is one of empowerment and realization. 

Born in Hollola, Finland, EMMI IIDA began playing the piano at 5 years old. She spent her early years in a musical elementary school, singing in a choir and in an acapella band, performing her first solo in front of a crowd at 9. This early exposure to music had her singing in front of the TV and making her own songs constantly. In her search to continually create and express in unlimited forms, she founded her own company EFG Productions Oy, as well as EFG Records Oy, a record label focusing on drawing out holistic wellbeing with healing frequencies.

EMMI IIDA had this to say on the song, "Think about being an alien who arrives on Earth for the first time. She's wondering what's going on in here, all the madness, and if we still have time to make a change and save it all. 'Trinity' is all about finding that power within, activating our solar plexus chakra, through the frequencies and messages of the song." 

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