February 11


Forever ‘I Love You’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

February 11, 2022


Lonely Heart Seeks Long Distance Relationship:

Happy Valentine’s Day!  My name is Forever, and I am a DJ and music maker. I like disco and house music, dancing, and long romantic walks in the city.  I'm also a drinker, a smoker and a fighter, but only when I'm single, so you won't have to worry about that. I have a big heart and I'm a great lover, and my new song proves it.

It's called “I Love You" and it’s out today on Jax Jones’ WUGD label and Astralwerks

Click the link below to listen


“I Love You” is good because it's about love, something that many people agree is very good. It’s an uplifting disco-house track with peppy horns, classic synth strings, and a deep, funky bassline. I know a popular techno DJ, and I always tell them, "your music has no heart, no color!" So I made sure my visualizer has both. Plus, the song's refrain is an interpolation of 1976’s “Silly Love Songs” by Paul McCartney and Wings. Wouldn't you rather dance with me to disco Paul McCartney than dance with German vampires to lawnmower sounds in a haunted basement? Thought so. Especially on Valentine's Day.

So close your eyes, imagine you and me together, and listen to the song's spoken words: “Why is love always on our minds? Is it because we need to show more of it to others?” Let's show more of it to each other.

Who am I really, you're probably thinking. Do any of us know who we really are?  Probably not, but there's a few things we do know: we've met, in another time, and another place, and you know my face. We've danced together before, all across the world. But as it always will be in this beautiful thing called life, only love holds the key that can unlock the truth.  

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