March 3


GirlzLuhDev ‘Sorry for Lackin’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

March 3, 2022


Inland Empire rapper GirlzLuhDev returns today with another low-key, lush single “Sorry for Lackin.” The track floats with a Cali bounce, as massive drums cascade around Dev’s signature flow, which dips and dives between delirious melodies and technical bars. The track also arrives alongside a stylish video. 

“Sorry for Lackin” makes a grand entrance. String pads bloom and blossom like an epic moment from a Hollywood thriller, while finger snaps and pounding bass emphasize Dev’s dizzy hook. Lyrically, Dev shows off his playful blend of coy intimacy and unending confidence. Still, the song is vulnerable, showing that even Dev deals with the perils of romance in the modern age. “What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, did my iMessage come through?”he asks. The video finds Dev drenched in red light, smoking blunts, and surrounded by scantily clad women. Dev and his crew enjoy the show, before the MC takes a long look at his phone, realizing he had been lagging in a response to his girl. And yet, the party must go on.

“Sorry for Lackin” follows a hot streak of memorable singles from Dev, including the recently released “Leg or Arm,” the pounding “Gas Me Up,” and the somber “Dead Bro.” “Sorry For Lackin” continues a sustained run of success that began with 2020’s “Tooka,” which launched him to the national stage and earned him a deal with Capitol. The game needs rappers as charismatic as GirlzLuhDev, and “Sorry for Lackin” is one of his most endearing and engaging songs so far. 

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