November 26


Grace Aimi Album “If’ Out Now

By RawKeith

November 26, 2021

Grace Aimi

Japanese-born singer-songwriter Grace Aimi returns today with her vivid, emotional debut album, If, out now via Capitol Records. Listen HERE. The project’s 12 tracks are all intricate, meditative pieces of eclectic pop, each with its own unique themes, moods, and identities. Aimi’s core message rings true over every shining sound. “I want to show people there’s a way to go through something bad and still come out happy,” she says. “I can feel sad or lonely, but there’s a perfect world out there that I just need to go find.”

Aimi explores this reflective, inspiring tone with the lead single “If,” on which she rhythmically rattles off her experiences with fake love yet stands firm in her refusal to settle until she finds the real thing. She knows she’s worth it. “My love is a drug, it might be lethal,” she sings in the chorus. “But I swear you the trip is no compare.” The slow-burning, soulful August single “What’s Perfect?” again showcases Aimi’s intoxicating melodies and a soothing lo-fi vibe that she originally explored on the evocative March ballad “True Feelings”—which shines anew in its place on If. Each song is a little different, but they all add new colors and textures to the otherworldly pop Aimi has dedicated herself to making over the last few years.

The road to If officially began with Aimi’s guitar-pop debut single “Eternal Sunshine,” released in August 2020. Since then, she’s established herself as one of the most vibrant new voices in pop, exploring R&B-inflected melancholy on singles “Rainbow” and more confident, uptempo sounds on tracks like “Friend Zone.” In May, Aimi shared her six-song debut EP, PICNIC, which arrived to acclaim from both fans and critics alike. Atwood Magazinehailed “Rainbow” as "a moving tapestry of intimate emotion heralding the Japanese indie pop artist’s fast and furious ascent,” while Flaunt Magazine wrote that “the rising star is here to be a household pop name within the music industry.”

If collects a few of the singles that made PICNIC shine, but when taken with these new tracks, it's clear that, in addition to being an affecting storyteller, Aimi is quickly becoming one of pop’s great experimenters. She wrings deep emotional truths and colorful new flourishes out of whatever sounds she touches.



1. If

2. Karaoke Queen

3. Friend Zone

4. 4 AM

5. What’s Perfect?

6. Rainbow

7. Waiting For You

8. Eternal Sunshine


10. True Feelings

11. Forgot With Time

12. Are You Okay?

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