September 19


H3000 Self Titled Album Out Now

By RawKeith

September 19, 2021


H3000, the new musical collaboration from Luke Steele(Empire Of The Sun, The Sleepy Jackson) and Jarrad Rogers (Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey) release their cosmic self-titled debut album, available HERE via Astralwerks.

Following the release of “Flames” , “July Heat”“Running” and “Human Heart”, the newest single, “Rest”is a sensitive cosmic tribute to the late producer, Avicii.

“I wrote the lyrics for this song from the point of view of Avicii as he was ascending to heaven,” Steele says of the song. “I need to rest on a heaven cloud,” Steele sings over Rogers’ pillowy piano grounding, “I need the best to help me get around.”

Arpeggiating synths mirror an ascendance to heaven as the song reaches its climax, the sensitivity of the song speaking to Rogers’ and Steele’s spiritual connection to the EDM hero.  “I worked in his camp a few years ago in Sweden, and he cut one of my songs early on,” Rogers explains, “So there was a connection from the beginning. ‘Rest’ is one of my favorite tracks on the album — it picks you up and takes you on a journey.” Check out the visualizer for “Rest” below.

On their debut, self-titled record H3000, the duo, comprising of Luke Steele and Jarrad Rogers, offer up a landscape of seven songs.

Meeting in Steele’s adopted hometown of Los Angeles, the band is as much the product of emotional connection as it is musical ingenuity. “It was the start of summer in California, which is always such a great time,” Steele says. “We just connected. The band is about the heavens and what will be the issues of the heart in the year 3000.”

The secrets of H3000 reveal themselves slowly but surely. The debut album contains songs of love, loss, and camaraderie that channel tragedy into brilliant, affirming hope. The entirety of H3000’s seven track self-titled, debut album is a hypnotic synthesis of pop, electronic music, and classic song writing that plays like a world unto itself. 

Whether it’s the fragility of the human heart, a transformative tragedy, or the love of the strange, H3000 comes about from a chance encounter and a musical world yet to be explored. Join ‘LUKE 18’ and ‘MSTR ROGERS’ on this transcendental journey as they take on the year 3000 together. 


H3000 Digital/streaming/CD Tracklist:

1.July Heat



4.Human Heart



7.Thought You Knew

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