June 9


Handbook Album ‘Desires’ Out Now

By RawKeith

June 9, 2023


Handbook is an instrumental beats producer from UK. 
He is making beats since 2010 with an MPC1000 and a Microkorg.
He began to build a following after sharing his music on Soundcloud released his debut EP on Cascade Records with Handprints and following with of the albums Reminiscence in 2018, Rewind in 2020 and Neighbourhood in 2022, a string of successful albums and EPs. Handbook's signature sound is a compromise of soulfoul music, thick bass lines and layered instrumentals lush flourishes.

"Some real lazy-summer-day kind of atmosphere ☀️" Handbook

New Handbook's Album "Desires" offers a LoFi warm and tasteful beat, who delivers to us a delicate sweet joyfull vibes, opening a dreamy living room to appreciate hiphop music, like a secret garden cosy and groovy to open our mind with his new jazzy project.

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