January 14


Handbook ‘Keepsake’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

January 14, 2022


Handbook is back! One decade after his debut Album Handprints, Handbook returns with Keepsake, a new singles to announce his full length LP for this spring.

Hear two sublimes tracks with Keep Sake and No End ft Supreme Sol to get into the lush hiphop cooking with the finest chill spicy soulfoul ingredients. 

For the single Keepsake, Handbook says « This track conjures up feelings of security. There is a feeling of being centred that anchors the piece, as well as a feeling of being content and happy. A keepsake is a memento, a reminder of someone, or somewhere, one has left behind: this is how music can work sometimes - it takes you back to a certain time, and a certain place. » Handbook

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