February 2


Hanna Ögonsten ‘Medicine’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

February 2, 2024

Hanna Ögonsten

Going through hardships as a child, Hanna Ögonsten would dwell into music, playing the guitar and piano to exploring the boundless ways of DIY-producing - a safe space of words, melodies and soundscapes, that would make the young girl forget about the struggles of a humble life in the suburb of Åkersberga outside of Stockholm.


“Growing up, most of us have tried to distract ourselves, simply to escape from the unpleasant parts of life like parents fighting, death in the family and other haunting nightmares. I used music to overcome these situations by writing a lyric or melody, creating a comforting story in my head,” Hanna Ögonsten says and continues: “’Medicine’ is about using these same distractions as a lifeline to cover up the danger and risk of obsessing with someone. If you crave the idea of someone’s love like a medicine, the chances of getting hurt are equally painful.”

The drum’n’bass-infused single is pushing the boundaries of electronic pop music, merging glitchcore elements with alternative bedroom-pop vibes. ‘Medicine’ is a testament of Hanna Ögonsten’s sonic vision co-produced by fellow Swedes, Carl Goldkuhl and David Kjellstrand, with a final touch from Paw Lagermann of the iconic Danish dance-duo, Infernal.

Hanna Ögonsten has attended the leading music schools, Rytmus and Musikmakarna, and in 2023 she was handpicked by Martin Garrix for the JBL x Martin Garrix Music Academy. This February, you can also look forward to hearing Hanna Ögonsten featuring on four tracks on the upcoming album from the acclaimed Danish electronic trio, AV AV AV.

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