September 29


informal. ‘DIY’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

September 29, 2023


Enter your text here...Following an enormous and unprecedented social media response to the track, Los Angeles-based producer informal. has released his hotly-anticipated new single “DIY”.

Like many informal. projects, “DIY” began as a sonic experiment. Layering multiple different drops and genres harmoniously into one track is no easy feat, but informal. accomplishes his goal of creating a satisfying surprise for his listeners at every turn. In “DIY,” gritty sawwaves, synth stabs, and reworked piano samples combine seamlessly to create a sonic experience unlike anything fans have heard before.  

“The whole creation process of ‘DIY’ was very much a ‘let’s just try anything and see what happens’ approach,” reflects informal. “There was no real vision from the start, especially for the newer sections. But, when I began constructing the more aggressive drop, it all quickly fell into place. I sort of zoned out (or in lol) for about 3 hours and, before I knew it, the song was essentially done—it was definitely a flow state moment.”

While “DIY” was not originally intended for a speedy release—the track was not even named yet when informal. first posted the clip to Instagram early last week—informal. was quick to respond when thousands of new fans began pouring in and demanding that the song be dropped immediately. Not one to keep the people waiting, he fast-tracked the song for release, and had the final track ready to go within a week. The result is a smooth yet hard-hitting festival-ready house banger that fans will want to play on repeat.

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