January 22


informal. ‘stayin’ up (forever)’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

January 22, 2023


Blending vapor twitch and future house, informal. cements himself as a producer to watch in 2023 with his latest release “stayin’ up (forever)” out today, January 20th. With over 3.5 million streams globally the rising star kicks off the new year by keeping listeners on their toes with his latest offering that combines old school Daft Punk-esque sampling with modern granular synthesis.

Listen to “stayin' up (forever)” here.

Pushing boundaries has become the norm for informal., and “stayin’ up (forever)” is no exception. The high-energy electro house tune showcases a complex blend of production methods. The track features a variety of sampling techniques to create unique rhythms and even a change of key halfway through. The four-on-the-floor drums get you moving while the sample chops, gritty synth bass and ever-changing arrangements keep you wondering what’s next.   

While discussing the arrangement of the song, informal. Explains, “‘stayin’ up” is a perfect example of what I like to call ‘micro-sampling’, or taking very small snippets of previously recorded audio and pitching, manipulating, and arranging them in a new fashion to make an entirely new musical idea / concept, then building a song around that idea.”

He adds, “the other really exciting part is this sort of ‘switch up’ that happens in the middle of the song. There's a breakdown, the key changes, and the overall groove / rhythm / style of the track changes going into the second section of the song. For the second drop, the choppy samples and gritty bass hits are swapped out for pumping synth chords and off beat sample hits that create a totally new sound and energy.” He continues “Lately I’ve really been resonating with tracks that evolve over time, ones that keep the listener on their toes, and I think this song does just that. Had a ton of fun making this one, enjoy!”

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