June 29


INJI Announces EP ‘LFG’ for July 21

By RawKeith

June 29, 2023


Electronic-pop’s latest rising star INJI today announces her debut EP LFG, due for release on July 21 via Astralwerks. To celebrate the announcement, INJI has shared a brand-new summer bumper “UNTZ UNTZ.” Tongue-in-cheek, playful and irresistibly catchy, the dancefloor hit is another example of INJI’s subversive attitude towards electronic music, trademarked by her signature deadpan delivery and wildfire cynicism. Listen HERE.

Speaking on the track, INJI confidently explains: “‘UNTZ UNTZ’ is that song you’re going to hear at every club for the next 6 months until you’re absolutely sick of it (I hope). The Chainsmoker’s “#SELFIE” and Mau P’s “Drugs from Amsterdam” had a baby, and it’s INJI’s “UNTZ UNTZ”. It’s a deep, full, banging house track (like it’s father) with catchy lyrics that everyone will be singing to (got that from its mother). It’s hilarious, relatable, extremely danceable and will quickly become a crowd and dj favorite. Also, it’ll be nice to have a 5’4 Turkish girl’s song dominate club music for a change.”

Born and raised in Turkey, INJI (real name Inci Guran) first exploded on TikTok for her smash hit “GASLIGHT,” which she released independently while studying at Penn State University. Making a name for herself for her tongue-in-cheek subversive pop backed by an electronic punch, “GASLIGHT” reached the Top 10 on the TikTok charts with 3m+ creations and over 6 billion views of her sound, plus a TikTok x Samsung campaign with none other than Nile Rogers. Since then, INJI has been working on her debut EP LFG, due next month, which includes viral track “MADELINE,” “single girl anthem” and debut signing with Astralwerks “THE ONE” (8M+ plays globally), her most recent single “BORED” and two new electrifying tracks that mark INJI as an essential new addition to your record box and a thrilling talent for this year and beyond.

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