November 21


Izanah Jones ‘Outta Here’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

November 21, 2022

Izanah Jones

Outta Here speaks to an observation about people; specifically, people who are not what or who they say they are. It speaks of people who are like shadows and as the quote goes "Fake friends are like shadows. They're present when the sun is out but will disappear in the darkness." The breeze blowing the curtains alludes to people who enter your circle/life, gain your trust but when the tough times come, you turn around to find no one. They don't have your back when it matters. Again likened to shadows who are only present for the good and happy times.

It also speaks of people who are walled off, those who have tucked their true selves behind a proverbial brick wall and have gone on to paint a different picture on the walls' exterior.

Confused people who have hidden themselves away while bringing a totally different persona to suit societal norms. Further along we see a decision. A decision to get out and away from such people. To move somewhere and or to someone who will be genuine.

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