July 7


J. Brown ‘123 Fourplay’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

July 7, 2023

J. Brown

"123 FOURPLAY" was written by 2x Grammy award-winning songwriter-producer,Carvin Haggins, along with Julian (Blake Winters) RayStephanie Chambers, and Maurice Harley and produced by Carvin Haggins, and Maylon "Fuss" Jones. "The intent with this song was to express the significance of connecting with a woman's mind before engaging in the physical intimacy," mentions J. Brown. "Making love to a woman is more than the act of undressing and engaging in sexual activities," he adds.

J. BROWN's anticipated sophomore album, "THE ART OF MAKING LOVE," will be globally released on Friday, July 28th, 2023, via the MochaMusic|SRG-ILS label imprint. This album is a testament to J. Brown's artistic growth and maturity, as it focuses on the theme of actual love. On July 7th, "1 2 3 Fourplay," will be released as the first un-official single from the album. On July 21st, the collaborative song, "Weightless," featuring R&B crooner, Kevin Ross will be released. It will then be followed by the official and multi-genre ballad, "My Whole Heart," to be released on July 28th, on the official album release date, along with a beautiful music video.

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