December 5


Jasper Sommer ‘Memento’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

December 5, 2023

Jasper Sommer

English musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter Jasper Sommer has released his latest single, ‘Memento’ via EFG Records Oy. Currently based in Finland, Jasper has already received mainstream publication support from the likes of COMPLEX UK and Earmilk, drawing comparisons to the likes of Four Tet and James Blake. In addition, his latest single, ‘We Could Rule The World’ received support from notable tastemakerNOTION Magazine and Numéro Magazine. 

Born in Derbyshire, England, and currently based in Hollola, Finland, his father was a huge lover of all music, exposing Jasper to an array of quality sounds from an early age. After picking up his brother's guitar to play Blink 182 songs, he knew he wanted to pursue a life in music. Forming a band at the age of eleven with two close friends, the boys created their own songs and performed covers of Blink 182. Inspired by Zodiac's production on The Weeknd's first EP,  he started playing around with GarageBand, his first foray into music production.

‘Memento’ is a moody, ambient track with bright expressive drumbeats and experimental sound-designs, akin to artists like Jai Paul and James Blake. Produced by Jasper himself, his languid but sharp delivery is married to a seamless run-on flow that resonates as a hip hop rhythm drives the beat. At once both dreamy and glitchy, the song’s production showcases his unique approach to a genre-bending bedroom hit. Dwelling on attachment, happiness and alienation, the sincere and soft lyrics draw you into Sommer’s meditative reflection, as he croons about destiny and his search for harmony. ‘Memento’ is a quiet hit, nestled in amongst superb instrumental backing, it’s bound to elicit a strong emotion from all listeners who partake in Jaspers sonic sorcery. 

Jasper had this to say on ‘Memento', “The title song of the EP, Memento is about holding onto the things that bring us happiness, whilst also learning to let go of the things that no longer serve us.”

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