August 31


Jeremy Black EP ‘Golden Cut’ Out Now

By RawKeith

August 31, 2022

Jeremy Black

Hailing from California, Jeremy Black is a long-time indie producer and composer now based in Berlin. He spent his formative years as a regular collaborator of pop producer John Hill (Portugal The Man, Santigold) and is also an original member of Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) and The National’s ‘PEOPLE Collective’.

Jeremy is now set to release his fouth EP on August 31st, its the last in a series of four, experimenting with genre and sound by blending elements of techno, garage, lofi, hip hop and ambient. Outside of the EP collection Black was featured on Dustin Zahn’s latest LP Gain Of Function out on Rekids and has proved to be one of the biggest techno releases of 2021.

The EP’s title track “The Return (Feat. Awir Leon)” features vocals from Awir Leon, who is an author, singer and composer living in Amsterdam and native to Dunkerque. The song is a emotional rnb tune that meets neoclasssical and electronic elements.

Created in an improvisational setting, Black uses live electronics, effects and samplers to manipulate violist Shelley Sörensen and cellist Rachel Maioimprovisations. Thus creating lush sound scapes, emotional loops and rhythmic accents that can provide a foundation for raw emotional live productions to take form. Awir Leon’s vocal were added later.

What is the track about? The track is about perspectives. It’s about finding new ways to look at things that you’ve been looking at the same way for a while.

Label EVOL Records 
Artist Jeremy Black 
Format EP 
Release date August 31st 2022 
EP ISRC + UPC : 197083525718

The Return (feat. Awir Leon) QZNWS2237782 
Cycles QZNWS2237783 
Haunted QZNWS2237784 
Ghost QZNWS2237785

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