November 3


Joy (Anonymous) Album ‘Cult Classics’ Out Now

By RawKeith

November 3, 2023

Joy Anonymous

UK dancefloor icons in the making Joy (Anonymous) have released their new album Cult Classics via Astralwerks. Listen HERE. Cult Classics is a vital collection that pushes the group into bold new territories: a seamless fusion of house, disco, soul, and beautiful songwriting. The album was preceded by singles “JOY (Head To The Sky)”, “JOY (404)”, “JOY (In Me All The Time)” and JOY (I Did You Wrong).” The group will be performing a very special album launch show tonight at Below Stone Nest in London. 

Cult Classics is a bold release, a record that underlines how far Joy (Anonymous) have come from their beginnings during the pandemic, when they began hosting their legendary pop-up parties, to touring the world, collaborating with some of the biggest names in dance music and going back to back with Skrillex, Romy and Mike Skinner. 

Cult Classics follows the beat of a night out, from frenetic, sweaty movement to the gentler winding down as the dawn breaks. At times it is euphoric, celebratory and pure, whirling fun, at others it seeks the joy in the darker emotions that life throws our way.

Speaking on the record, Joy (Anonymous) say, “Cult Classics is the soundtrack of Joy Anonymous meetings over the past two years. It began in Imogen Heap’s house in Romford. where we spent two weeks working with various friends and new collaborators to form the skeletons of what was to become the album you hear today. Then we took these sounds on tour and tested them out in meetings around the world, honing and developing the sound on the move. Joy Anonymous is a movement where people feel included and feel safe to share expression and emotion. We have tried to capture that in the sound, process, and delivery of this album.”


Cult Classics Tracklist

1. (JOY) Beezley’s Poem

2. JOY (404)

3. (JOY) In Me All The Time 

4. (JOY) Up The Street

5. (JOY) A Place I Belong 

6. (JOY) How We End Up Here 

7. (JOY) Head To The Sky 

8. (JOY) Make Some Noise 

9. (JOY) I Did You Wrong 

10. (JOY) Sea Bird 

11. (JOY) Breathe Into Me 

12. (JOY) Weight Wings 

13. (JOY) Now That It’s Over 

14. (JOY) You’re In Or You’re Out 

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