June 27


Koala Voice ‘The Bigger The City’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

June 27, 2023

Koala Voice

Indie Rock band Koala Voice released their latest single and music video, ‘The Bigger The City’, on the 23rd of June via the Nika label. The single is taken from their fifth official studio album, which will be released in spring, 2024. The video was directed by Igor Perić, with Laura Lavrič Cascio assisting on camera. Having previously opened for the eminent American Alt-rock band The Pixies, the Slovene quartet breaks sonic and continental borders. In 2022, they cemented their international appeal, winning a HEMI Music Award. Not to mention winning a Golden Flute Award in the category of Album of The Year for their 2021 project Plata.

Stream / Download: Koala Voice - ‘The Bigger The City’

Further, with 4 million streams across platforms, the band has previously earned the support of UK tastemaker DIY Magazine, Slovene publications SIOL.NET, SI21, SIGIC, 24ur.comRocker.si, Music Slovenia, Serbian magazines Ravno Do Dna and Before After, Croatian webzine Muzika.hr and was interviewed by Slovenian national radio broadcaster RTV’s radio stations Oradio and received spins on Val 202 as well as Altr Radio. They have also appeared on the news site Al Jazeera Balkans.

Comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Manca Trampuš, guitarist Domen Don Holc, drummer Miha Prašnikar and bass player Tilen Prašnikar, Koala Voice is a Slovene alternative rock band established in 2010. Until now, they have toured the Balkans three times, toured North Europe and the Baltics once and even toured Eastern Europe and Spain. They have played big venues and festivals like Exit Festival, and their audience is constantly growing. In the past year, they have established themselves as an alternative band that headlines the biggest venues in Slovenia with a sound reminiscent of Paramore, Wolf Alice, and Phoebe Bridgers.

The crisp sting of guitar distortion leads us into the ‘The Bigger The City’. A grand piano adds a cinematic quality only bolstered by climactic drums, giving the record an epic feel. Like a city, it is expansive and buzzing with life.

Koala Voice says: “This piece for me is about loneliness. About how sometimes in familiar company you feel alone and not understood. About how quickly people forget and how some things stay with us forever. About what it's like to be big and feel small and about all the other variations of that phrase.”

Koala Voice Tour Dates:

28 June - Nova Gorica, Slovenia

30 June - Kranj, Slovenia

1 July - Novo mesto, Slovenia

6 July - Ljubljana, Slovenia

8 July - Kočevje, Slovenia

22 July - Ajdovščina, Slovenia

4 August - Kostel, Slovenia

12 August. - Kamnik, Slovenia

19 August - Črna na Koroškem, Slovenia

26 August - Ljutomer, Slovenia

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