March 17


Las Vegas Club Profile Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub, Afterhours

By RawKeith

March 17, 2015

 Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub, Afterhours

This weeks Las Vegas Club Profile:  Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub, Afterhours

Years ago there was a small, older looking casino on the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard.  It was called the Barbary Coast, and on the surface, it looked like a regular old casino on one of the busiest corners in Las Vegas.
On weekend nights, around 1-2am, you would see dozens of limousines and taxi cabs, as good looking people exited these cars, and headed into the Barbary Coast.  A person walking by would wonder what was going on because this did not look like a place where these people would hang.  This was definitely not Caesars Palace or Mandalay Bay, and certainly not the Wynn.
Upon closer examination, the destination was an after hours club named Drai’s.  You either took the elevator or the stairs down to the basement level.  When you entered, it was a semi dark place where there were plenty of red furnishings.  It was not a large club, but it was the perfect size for an after hours venue.  Opening in 1999, Drai’s after hours club was a hit, being the place to go if you wanted to party until the wee hours of the morning.  When I say wee hours, I mean, like, 11am the next morning.
Eventually the Barbary coast was transformed, and renamed the Cromwell.  Victor Drai also revamped the Drai’s concept, and boy did he take it to another level.  It sits on the Cromwell’s rooftop, and features a whopping 65,000-square-feet and an unparalleled view 11 stories high right off the strip.
During the day, the Strip’s only rooftop pool deck includes multiple pool areas and towering palm trees. After dark, the space turns into an incredible nighttime venue, where both the indoor and outdoor areas are open for your enjoyment.
Drai’s features 150 VIP tables, and you will be entertained by world class DJ’s every Thursday-Sunday.  Just like with all of the major venues in Las Vegas, you can purchase advance tickets at  Because some of these venues sell out, you definitely want to make sure you are able to get in!
When you make the trip to Las Vegas, be sure to visit Las Vegas Club Profile Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub, Afterhours.

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