October 6


Leon Seti Album ‘Grimoire’ Out Now

By RawKeith

October 6, 2023

Leon Seti

Italian born, Amsterdam based Leon Seti is the creative brainchild of Leo Baldi. Singing and writing throughout his discography, the enigmatic artist shared his sizzling album Grimoire, out now. 

Stream the full Grimoire album here

His nostalgic yet experimental electro-pop has been played by the BBC Introducing and featured on Billboard Italy. He’s also received support from tastemaker publications CLASH Mag and NOTION magazine, and his album COBALT reached #1 on the iTunes Electronic Chart in Italy, earning him comparisons to the likes of Björk, Peter Gabriel and The Pet Shop Boys. Seti's second album was equally impressive, released to rave reviews it reached #1 on the iTunes Electronic Chart in Italy and the Netherlands, while simultaneously cementing itself in the iTunes Top 10 of general sales in both countries. In addition to this, Leon Seti has appeared at venues such as The O2 Academy Islington and The Spice of Life in London, historic clubs like Spin Time Labs in Rome and Il Cassero in Bologna and at festivals such as Mengo Fest and Pride in Amsterdam. 

Grimoire is a stunning LP where Leon Seti’s voice takes center stage over deep and nostalgic electronic instrumentals produced by Pancratio. It's a kaleidoscopic collection of Seti’s thoughts, dreams and desires, with love often at the forefront of the message. Reminiscent of artists such as BANKS, Bjork andImogen Heap, each track is personal and introspective, abundantly rich in vocal harmonies and layers. There's also a deep feeling of continuity between the songs, with each one standing out in its own enchanting way, while simultaneously retaining the same theme throughout. Using his voice as his main weapon, Seti wears his heart on his sleeve, inviting the listener to step into his world and resonate with his lyrics and emotive vocals. 

The title track is a perfect cross-section of the album’s feeling and sound. Different synthesized textures build a strange sonic world: bright chords keep a steady rhythm, angelic vocal-esque ornaments weave in and out of earshot, modulating as the song progresses, and a dance-ready bass and beat give the ethereal track a catchy appeal. Leon Seti’s vocals have the commercial allure of pop, but this does not detract from the phantasmagorical feel of the song - it’s magical; perfect music for a night-time drive. 

Leon Seti had this to say: "Grimoire is an album I wrote about the healing of trauma. I wanted every song to feel like a spell in a magic book, where the pain feels so old it's almost acting like a balm. The album title track, ‘Grimoire’ originally started as an atmospheric track about holding on to the belief that there is inexplicable magic in everything. In the studio with Pancratio we decided to go in a completely different direction and turned it into a 90's inspired dance track. The song is basically a celebration of folklore, because I think that stories and legends are precious links to a collective human memory.”

Grimoire Tracklist

1. Abyss

2. And I’m Gone

3. Grimoire

4. Downfall

5. 7am

6. Baptised

7. Decomposed

8. If Only

9. Inside

10. Lullaby

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