October 4


Lilith Merlot ‘Easier To Fight’ – WATCH

By RawKeith

October 4, 2023

Lilith Merlot

Elegant Singer-songwriter Lilith Merlot is set to share the live music video for her single ‘Easier To Fight’,(Insert Premiere Date). The single is taken from her EP, Shades Of Blue, which was released on the 26th of May 2023.

Stream / Download: Lilith Merlot - Shades Of Blue EP

Known for her timeless voice, Dutch singer and songwriter Lilith Merlot has been enchanted by harmony and melody from a young age. During her Jazz vocals studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Lilith performed in front of  American singer Renée Neufville (known for her work with Roy Hargrove, RH Factor), who remarked: “Your voice is just like a Merlot; it’s so warm, deep, and round”. This inspired Lilith to use Merlot as her stage name. Since releasing her debut EP in 2017, Lilith has been experimenting with various genres, from Jazz to Pop and Soul, influenced by Lizz Wright, Jeff Buckley, and Norah Jones, to name a few, creating music reminiscent of Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, and Madeleine Peyroux. 

With nearly 5 million streams across platforms and support from tastemakers METAL Magazine, her music has aired across a number of stations under the established Netherlands public broadcaster NPO, earning spins on NPO Soul & Jazz, where she has previously featured as a guest speaker, and NPO 3FM Radio. In the past, she has performed live on the Roodshow on NPO Radio 2, NPO Radio 5, NPO Radio 1. Not to mention airing on Sublime FM. While on Spotify, her music has landed on the editorial playlist Sad Covers. 

‘Easier To Fight’, as a song, is timeless and heartfelt. Merlot’s vocals are encapsulating and soulful, oozing an incredible emotion over the subtle instrumental of Wurlitzer keys and cello. Topically exploring the themes we all feel when stuck in a relationship, it’s an emotionally charged ballad with an incredible message. The music video is no different. With the audio being a completely fresh and live rendition of the track, it features Merlot shimmering atop an imposing man-made structure as she delivers her sublime vocals with a raw yet gentle delivery befitting of the video and the song. It is slow paced, with incredible panning and shots, putting Merlot at the forefront while the Wurlitzer and cello are performed live alongside her. With the sky bursting with colorful hues amidst a glistening crescent moon in the background, the cinematography is nothing short of epic, a perfect fit for an anthemic love ballad. 

Lilith Merlot says: "I knew I wanted to record something 100% live, because to me that is where the magic happens. I invited Jonas Pap (known for his work with singer Sevdaliza and Red Limo String Quartet) on cello to join me and my producer Serge Dusault (on Wurlitzer). When me and the production team (Rauwkost Film) talked about locations, we soon came up with the idea to shoot outside, because that is where I feel most free. We shot this video in Rotterdam - a city close to my heart, because it is where I took my first serious steps in music: studying at the Conservatory, my first big gigs, my first band, etc. ‘Easier to Fight’ is about feeling lost in a relationship, not knowing where you stand. Should you fight for it or give up and let go? It’s that feeling of being stuck in the twilight zone, which is why it felt magical to perform this song during actual twilight, at blue hour."

Shades Of Blue Tracklist:

1. Easier to Fight

2. Compromised

3. Burn Your Bridges

4. White Lies

5. Happier Alone

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