June 22


LISTEN – ‘Still Dancing’ by Rêve

By RawKeith

June 22, 2021


Montreal born, Toronto-based artist Rêve makes her major label debut with her first single Still Dancing which is out now.

“Still Dancing,” inspired by her unforgettable nights at Montréal clubs and quarantine dance parties she had during the global pandemic. “I don’t know who needs to hear this; we came here to get some healing... fuck, we’re sad, but we’re still dancing.” Banx & Ranx’s colorful pop/EDM production underscores real talk from the girl who had to pack her belongings in garbage bags when she was kicked out of her house for living life a little fast-n-loose. The alluring track brings the soundscape that lives in Rêve’s mind to life: playful, pop, and R&B influenced dance music that draws its inspirations from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound.

On the single, Rêve said: "'Still Dancing' is a song that was written during a time when misery needed company and couldn't have any. It is a song dedicated to club kids, but also house music itself and its unique ability to transport us to euphoria even on our darkest days." 

Check out the music video below.

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