January 23


Listen to House remix of Bad Bunny and Drake’s ‘MIA’

By RawKeith

January 23, 2019

Bad Bunny, Drake, Trevy

Trevy has given Bad Bunny and Drake’s smash hit ‘MIA’ a party-style House makeover with an increased tempo, heavier bass and original top line, Trevy’s version is set to be a huge club track! Best known for his danceable and catchy melodies, the producer also has a knack for creating brand new versions of some of the biggest pop songs around.

The young Columbian producer has also previously been featured on Bad Bunny’s ‘La Nueva Religion’ tour back in 2018 and so his remix is an ode to the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter.

Trevy has been working his way through the ranks recently and has had some huge successes in his career. Towards the end of 2018 Trevy’s House hit ‘The Night’ saw itself gain over a million plays online and was featured in multiple Apple Music playlists, along with another one of his production ‘Back To You’ receiving support from the legend that is Tiesto on his Club Life shows 580 and 606.

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