October 13


Listen to “Ice Cold” by NETSKY feat. David Guetta

By RawKeith

October 13, 2018

David Guetta, NETSKY

This is the latest rack from producer NETSKY. It is called "Ice Cold" and it samples the classic rock song "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner

“Ice Cold” opens the duality of upcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines, the two-part project that explores both NETSKY’s magnetic brand of pop music (on Palmtrees) and his genre-bending innovation as a creator of club tracks (on Powerlines). “Ice Cold”, with its dancefloor vibes, finds its home in Powerlines, where previously released “Téquila Limonada” feat. A.CHAL, aligns with Palmtrees. Each song from Palmtrees & Powerlines will find a place within one of these two worlds NETSKY has built.

NETSKY recently produced two cuts on the Guetta’s recent album 7, including “Light Headed” [feat. Sia] and “Battle” [feat. Faouzia].

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