March 13


Listen to ‘Running Away’ by Tagomago and Lenell Brown

By RawKeith

March 13, 2020

Tagomago and Lenell Brown

Two of Clipper’s Sound’s top artists, Tagomago and Lenell Brown have joined forces to create a stunning new hit that gives off a very reminiscent, summer focused vibe called ‘Running Away’. An ice-cool groove with hints of electronic elements kicks off the track before a steady, heavy bass beat comes in. Spanish influenced melodies dance across the background making you sit up and pay attention to the intricacies of this production.

Lenell Brown comes in strong with his signature catchy lyrics and silky-smooth vocals. Tagomago and Lenell’s artistic talents work in complete harmony in ‘Running Away’ and which makes for such an easy listen. Although the lyrics are slightly melancholic, musically, this is a fantastic feel-good tune and it looking to reach dizzying chart heights.

Watch the music video below, then you can listen to the extended version.

Resident vocalist at one of Spain’s hottest label, Lenell Brown has worked with some of the best rising talents the scene has to offer such as The Zombie Kids, Robbie Rivera and Panda Rock. His career in music has spread far and wide from humble beginnings in a church choir to touring the world with artists of all genres delighting audiences with his talents. With more music on the horizon, it's looking to be a great year for Lenell.

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