September 11


‘Lonely’ by Arctic Lake – LISTEN

By RawKeith

September 11, 2021

Arctic Lake

English alternative pop duo Arctic Lake invite you to get up close and personal with their simmering new single “Lonely,” out today. The song, their first original single for Astralwerks, comes with an equally steamy video.  Check it out below. 

The breezy electro-kissed track finds Arctic Lake tapping into their most deep-seated desires. Thundering drums skitter and skip as layers of synths ripple underneath. Vocalist Emma Foster turns up the heat on the chorus with soulful, silky croons: “Damn, come in closer baby, no don’t you ever leave me,” she insists. The video for “Lonely” is as hot and heavy as the song itself as shots of glistening skin fade in and out, teasing viewers with lips, chains, and a tangle of limbs.

“Lonely” further establishes the duo’s dance-floor ambitions following recent collaborations like their ZHU team-up, “Yours,” a noirish techno-inflected track that peaked at #16 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. They also recently worked with German DJ Boris Brejcha on the feel-good “House Music” and producer Lane 8 for last year’s hypnotic “Road.” Still, “Lonely” is steeped in their dreamy, atmospheric take on pop, reminding listeners of what Dancing Astronaut describes as “a notably different shade of electronic craftsmanship.” 

Arctic Lake’s blend of emotional songwriting and inventive production has won the attention of a host of fans and critics since they self-released their debut single, “Limits.” Since, their following has grown to nearly 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Now, as they prepare new music, Arctic Lake are just getting started. “Lonely” shows they’re willing to experiment with new sounds and styles, and that they want to pull listeners in close while they do it.

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