January 31


lonelyboy Album ‘study and chill with sublime’ Out Now

By RawKeith

January 31, 2023


Music collective Digital Arts and Sciences welcomes a new offering from their artist lonelyboy who has previously released a collaboration with Cypress Hill creating a lofi album of the best of all of all their biggest hits. Out now is lonelyboy’s study and chill with sublime which is a collection of original lofi covers of Sublime’s greatest hits.

Listen to study and chill with sublime:

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Of the album lonelyboy says, “Sublime has always been a big inspiration to me. They were my original study and chill music. When I had the opportunity to engage with them to bring them into lofi world it was one opportunity I wasn’t going to pass up and I had to make it one of my first album collaborations.”

Other lonelyboy albums include midnights (3am lofi hip-hop study edition) (inspired by Taylor Swift), exitos latinos lofi para estudiar I (lofi latin hits to study), and several other compilations of lofi covers.

The track listing for lonelyboy’s study and chill with sublime is: 

  1. santeria
  2. what i got
  3. doin' time
  4. wrong way
  5. badfish
  6. smoke two joints
  7. caress me down
  8. 40oz. to freedom
  9. waiting for my ruca
  10. boss dj
  11. slow ride
  12. right back
  13. stp
  14. dj's
  15. let's go get stoned
  16. saw red
  17. 5446
  18. same in the end
  19. seed
  20. rivers of babylon
  21. get ready
  22. krs one
  23. jailhouse
  24. date rape
  25. steppin razor
  26. garden grove

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