‘Moody’ by Self Esteem – LISTEN

By RawKeith / September 16, 2021

UK’s Self Esteem shares another cut from her forthcoming second album Prioritise Pleasure in the shape of her undeniable new single “Moody”. The anthemic rhythmic flourishes of funk-pop on “Moody” are paired with some of her sharpest, wittiest lyricism to date: “sexting you at the mental health talk seems counterproductive…” and has enraptured crowds on its first live outings at UK shows across the summer.

Self Esteem says: “Moody is a song about reclaiming being a moody cow. My whole life I’ve been referred to as mardy (northern for moody) but lately I’ve been realising as a woman in this world, especially as a woman in the music industry, of fucking course I’m moody! It’s such a slog even getting heard, every day shitting yourself about your safety, the societal expectations. I’d love to be sweet and happy go lucky but I’m afraid I’m too tired to be most of the time.

Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure (10.22) tracklisting:

01. I’m Fine
02. Fucking Wizardry 
03. Hobbies 2
04. Prioritise Pleasure
05. I Do This All The Time
06. Moody
07. Still Reigning 
08. How Can I Help You
09. It’s Been A While
10. The 345
11. John Elton
12. You Forever
13. Just Kids