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Muzooka Music Platform For New Artists

By RawKeith

October 7, 2017

Muzooka Music Platform For New Artists

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So, you are a singer, a band, or even a DJ.  How do you get out there and perform?  You have been rehearsing in the garage or in the back yard, and the adults have had enough.  They appreciate that you have the drive and the commitment, but damn, get out there and perform in front of a crowd!

BT (before tech) you needed to get into your car drive to all of the venues and clubs in the area and drop off demo tapes with the hope that the club manager would call you for an audition.  Depending on where you live, there may not be many venues nearby, so if you did not live close to a major city, you were in trouble.  You can always relocate to chase that dream, but many times that is not an option.

But this is the 21st century.  We have the internet now, so it is easy, right?  We can just build a site, throw our music up there, and the music biz will come running!
That does not quite work out either.

If any of the above scenarios pertain to you, we have some good info for you. Shawn Wilson, founder of Muzooka, is aiming to fill in the disconnect between new artists and music industry insiders.

Shawn has been founding, operating and financing businesses for the past 15 years.  In 2002, Shawn founded Muzooka Inc after 6 months of research and having had access and being able to interview 100’s of top music industry members.

We asked Shawn if this all started because he was a musician or had a background in the music industry.  “I’m a tech geek and have been for 16 years, I love building products/apps that can create a “network affect”.  Muzooka just happens to be in an industry that I am super passionate about. The weekend isn’t complete without hitting my favorite record shop.”
For those of you who are under 30, a record shop is a place where music lovers spend hours at a time shuffling through vinyl albums and 12-inch singles, trying to uncover that rare remix of their favorite song.  There was nothing like going to the record store!

It is really easy to get started.  There’s no screening process to add your music.  “Anyone can upload and there is no fee to the artist. We do two things to help deal with the amount of content. First our “hot” chart shows venues bands that are trending from within our system, and second and possibly more important is our discover feature which ask bands to select what they think is the best 10 seconds of the song when they upload their tracks.  The venue owners can then listen to those 10 second bites and sift through the content very quickly. If they like something they can dive deeper and listen to the entire track etc.”

That is the key.  Muzooka has connections with venue owners and industry insiders who visit the site looking for talent.  Shawn said that this phase of the site “started with The Basement in Nashville and (the music venue connections)have grown through word of mouth. We solve a problem that all venues have and are focused on continuing to further solve this issue. Before the end of the year the system will be automated and allow any venue to build their own page with very specific requirements – Location of bands/artists, genre, etc.”

I asked Shawn if there were any success stories to come out of the site.  “With the focus being on connecting bands to venues we have hundreds of success stories, one in specific is a Nashville band (Sound Hound Smith) that played a very popular music festival Live on the Green in Nashville in front of a crowd of 20K. The radio station that hosted the event, Lightning 100, used Muzooka to find Sound Hound Smith and the rest is history.”

With so many songs on the site, I asked Shawn for his top five tracks.  ” Can I give you 8?”
Apollo – https://muzooka.com/apollo/5619
Kid Cadaver – https://muzooka.com/kidcadaver/5563
Whoa Dakota – https://muzooka.com/whoadakota/6667
Ben Miller Band – https://muzooka.com/benmillerband/2932
Behold the Brave – https://muzooka.com/beholdthebrave/2559
Wayne Baker Brooks (ft. Twista, GLC, & Sugar) https://muzooka.com/waynebakerbrooks/310
NameBrand – https://muzooka.com/NameBrand/2191
MC SAV – https://muzooka.com/skillsandvariety/2614

It does not matter what genre you create, Muzooka has got you covered.  There is even an electronic genre for you DJ’s out there.

Create a profile and upload.  Market yourself and impress the music industry folks!!

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