July 14


Myrne ‘Freefall’ – LISTEN

By RawKeith

July 14, 2023

Joyia, MYRNE

Themes of MYRNE’s previous single “Carousel,” suggested a constant state of motion. In his new singles “Freefall,” and “Era” he dives headfirst with a thrilling iteration of dance music that feels both bold and familiar. Listen HERE via Astralwerks.

“Freefall” expands a side of MYRNE that fans have come to expect: ultimate catharsis on the dancefloor. With vocals by Canadian singer-songwriter Joyia, who usually parades in shades of jazz, R&B, and soul, “Freefall” feels delicate and empowering all at once. On “Era” MYRNE jumps right into his knack for creating a blend between trancelike club music. 

Inspired by the deep and sensual progressive house music he loved in his youth, MYRNE came onto “Freefall” in a state of unwinding. “It was after a period when I just wanted to do everything on a laptop,” MYRNE remembers. And yet, “Freefall” was created out of a Dave Smith Prophet-6 synthesizer. “I was sound designing just to relax! And, yet, this really pretty motif came out of it, and it would become the main melodic line of the song.”

In “Freefall,” a buzzy low-end takes form as an intoxicating beat indebted to French house, just before euphoric synths make their way into the forefront with vocals by Joyia. By the second half of this odyssey, you’re plunged into a galactic EDM drop that sums up the emotional resonance that MYRNE always brings to the table.

Once the idea was put into composition, it dawned upon MYRNE that “Freefall” articulates elements of dance music that first made him fall in love with its world. Citing long-running record labels like Anjunadeep and Enhanced, MYRNE explains: “I loved that sound as a teenager growing up. It just feels so freeing to put it out on my own project.”

It felt even more fulfilling with the inclusion of Joyia’s contributions. MYRNE got to know about her through a mutual friend. Once they met, they hit it off instantly. “I just sent her a basic idea for ‘Freefall Era’. She worked magic on it!”

For Joyia, she was amazed by MYRNE’s adaptiveness in the collaboration process. “It started out as a simple topline but he was able to turn it into something that blended both of our styles beautifully,” she says. “Even from halfway around the world, “Freefall Era” was created just by two artists in good faith of each other’s talents.”

The singer-songwriter continues: “Dance music has been and will always be a huge part of my life, so I’m thrilled to have another dance collab under my belt. I can’t wait to see where it goes!”

With “Freefall,” MYRNE has staked his claim as one of the region’s most exciting artists in house music. He hopes that new listeners will be guided through his world of artistry in an organic way. That, he admits, starts with a “more consistent” discography that he’s working to build.

“I'm getting lots of new listeners from my new songs, like “Carousel,” he reports. “But these fans don't really have a safe 'nest' of similar music to dive into. It’s an issue that will go away with time.”

More ideas are germinating in his studio, he assures. After a brief and successful US tour, MYRNE remains focused on songwriting and production. “There's nothing else I can really worry about, except to make the best music I can!”

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