April 28


Natalie Jane “I’m Her” – WATCH

By RawKeith

April 28, 2023

Natalie Jane

On her powerful post-breakup anthem “I’m Her,” Natalie Jane suggests that forgetting your ex may be the best revenge. Released today via Capitol Music Group and 10K Projects, the track’s triumphant message of self-empowerment is punctuated by a massive drop that drove fans into a frenzy when Natalie teased the track on social media, earning over 20 million views across multiple posts. The 19-year-old artist wrote “I’m Her” with Daniel Gleyzer (who also produced), Jackson Lafrantz Larsen and Liv Miraldi. Listen HERE. Natalie taps into her explosive inner powers In the kinetic official video for “I’m Her,” which was directed by Joseph Lee. View HERE.

 “I wrote ‘I’m Her’ about maintaining power over yourself and your mind, and not letting a person you’re in a relationship with bring you down,” says Natalie Jane. “I call myself ‘a god’ as a metaphor because gods have the highest level of power. I have the power to choose to not let you bring me down.”

Natalie, who recently made her live debut with sold-out headline shows in New York City and Los Angeles, has amassed over 230 million combined global streams across her songs, which include “AVA,” “seeing you with other girls,” “Mentally Cheating” and “Seven.”

The New Jersey-raised, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter matches her massive vocal talents with soulful sensitivity and unapologetic attitude, a dynamic she’s embodied since self-releasing her own music in high school. Seventeen Magazine digs into Natalie’s musical roots in this video interview. Watch her play a game of song association with ELLE HERE and check out her spot-on impression of a minion in Cosmopolitan’s Secret Talent Test HERE.

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